And it rains….

Its late outside and raining pretty good so I was expecting mumma to call it quits on running. She would usually say, “Gdog doesn’t like the rain….or it’s too cold….or too dark…” But when she came out of the other room with running gear on, doggone was I happy!! A late night rainy run sounded pawfect to this pup! Mum did great on our jog, with rain dripping down her face the entire trek . The weather was pleasant but very wet. We did another 2 miles for the week. Way to go MOM! I knew I’d make the best running partner. I should say “thanks ma” for getting me out the door.

Once we got home and dried off ma gave me a hug. She promised to get me a raincoat.

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Um….Day 3?

So…we missed a day. Not by my choice. Mom was having a busy day and just didn’t go. Rest is always good. She took me out early today and we ran 1.2 of our 2 miles at a steady to strong pace. I guess some of the slow¬† 0.8 miles were my fault. It was shortly after we had a good long run, ma was a little winded. I couldn’t help it, we came upon squirrel HQ. I probably dragged her for half a block before she corrected me abruptly. But the little furry vengeance kept crossing my path, tree after tree! ARUFF, did I get in trouble. We avoided the park again since it could have still been flooded. But on our pass to the back side of the park she let me off chain?! OOHHH What FUNNNnnn! I ran, tree to tree, through mud and puddles. Found something to sniff and roll around in. I rocked out with my tongue out! I sure hope she takes me soon because I had fun today.

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Day 2

Well day 2 is here and mom made good on her promise. We performed the same ritual before running out the door and we were off! Something got into ma today since she ran really fast. This puppy was excited she could keep up. After all four paws do move faster than two. Though we had a fast paced run, mom did cheat. She made it a shorter route! Ruff, do I feel robbed of the beautiful Fall weather. She should have been out there another half hour scouting more of the neighborhood! But I guess some is better than none.

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“You have junk in your trunk.”

~Motivation from my vet

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The Challenge…

The Challenge…

Hello, I’m G-dog.

My human parents call me Boog or Lup for short. I’m starting this blog to cheer my human Mom on to health. She always promises to take me for walks but sometimes forgets. So I’m tracking her progress and nipping her in the butt to Get Moving!

This is day 1 of our journey….It started with pure excitement! I could barely keep my paws on the floor, jumping and dancing for the grueling ten minutes it took ma to get prepped to GO! Gee…you humans need a lot to go outside, foot coverings, skin coverings, little boxes with strings to your ears. Just open the door for us dogs and we are ready to go! Forget the leash even!

But she never does.

Then mom locked me in and we bound out the door. Man, was she slow! I don’t know how many times i walked but it was too many to count. All in paw it was a good day for a walk, besides a detour for the flooded park. We jogged along a flower and tree-lined path towards home with the setting sun in front of us. Ma said it looked like orange sherbert but it all looks the same color to me.

I’m very proud of mom, TODAY at least….now lets see if we can keep up the routine.

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